We understand business

We’re entrepreneurs at heart and accountants by trade.

We use our own entrepreneurial experience to improve our services. We know what small- and medium-sized business need the most: automation, simplicity and overview. By providing this, we help you make the right financial decisions for a profitable future.

Professional accounting and tax team

We are always here for you

We got your back, 365 days per year. Fast, online and personal.

We are experts in taxes

Our tax professionals are always available and will advise you, among others, with optimizations.

We are proactive

We are constantly working on new solutions for you, so you can focus on driving your business.

Our areas of expertise

Technology Companies


Law Offices


Real Estate Agencies

Cafes & Bistro

Our customers lavish praise

  • The Trivi accounting system has really facilitated our business. At first, I managed accounting alone in the evenings, but over time it was difficult. I did not want to waste time walking around the offices. Now we find it much clearer and easier to work, we keep permanent track of accounting. In addition, the transition was smooth and simple.Trivi helped me with everything.

    Dita Přikrylová
    the founder of Czechitas
  • Trivi very quickly and effectively helped me to start a subsidiary in the Czech Republic. It did without a lengthy search for an accounting firm or any complicated settings. Everything went like clockwork. And what’s most important, I did not have to employ another person just for invoicing and accounting records. Everything is now automated.

    Libor Šlosár
    Managing Director of QP Coms, s.r.o.
  • Trivi first attracted our attention with the atmosphere and attitude in their company. It was so friendly and welcoming that I lost my doubts almost from the beginning. Then surfaced the professionalism with which our accounting is approached. Thanks to Trivi, I feel much safer in terms of all that paperwork and bureaucracy that is associated with the company management. With the help of Trivi, I got time for what matters :)-

    Ondřej Koudela
    PrPom - experiential and team-building courses in first aid
  • Trivi gave me a sense of security in accounting. An excellent expertise, personal approach, and care are the main reasons why I have entrusted my companies to Trivi. The effective use of modern information technology saves me time.

    Vojtěch Havíř
    Lime Inspirations, s.r.o. and Lemon projects, s.r.o.
  • What I like about Trivi is to see papers quickly posted and processed online. The status of my accounting is now always up to date. The financial management of the company is so much easier. Who would not want to have accounting always on hand, online and simple?

    Ondřej Tomas
    Portugalmarket, s.r.o.
  • With Trivi we have streamlined our system to work with documents and internal processes. No documents are printed or sent via ordinary mail, thus saving costs. Communication with the accountant and transmission of documents is done electronically, which saves us time. Essential for the financial management of the university is managerial reporting, which Trivi processes according to our needs. Thanks to Trivi, we thus keep complicated accounting simple and modern. We are very satisfied.

    Ing. Věra Korbášová
    financial manager of Institute of Regional Development (VŠRR)

We trust in our own work and guarantee the correctness of our actions.
If we make a mistake, the resulting damages are insured up to 5 million CZK.

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