The tariff for small or inactive business

You will get these features within the fair price

Statements of assets and liabilities, including overviews

Tax return of income

24 documents / year

Representation before the authorities

48 bank transactions / year

2 699 CZK per year without VAT

including tax return and financial statements

Price per extra document VAT payer Non-VAT payer /
Identified person
Accountant Client Accountant Client
Invoice, Deposit invoice, Credit note, Tax receipt for deposit, (cash) receipt 27 CZK 13 CZK 18 CZK 13 CZK
Transaction on the bank statement (1 row) 16 CZK 16 CZK
1 accounting operation emerged from contract 27 CZK 16 CZK
Peocessing of travel order/command prepared by the client 35 CZK
Complete processing of travel order/command (domestic business trip) 79 CZK
Complete processing of travel order/command (foreign business trip) 99 CZK
Processing and lodge of tax return (VAT) 449 CZK
Property Tax at the end of the fiscal year 100 Czk/yea 90 CZK/pcs./year

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