Smart Online Interface

A handy tool for every entrepreneur.

It's 100% free!

What can the interface do for me?

Create invoices and documents

Archive unlimited documents

Send documents via
e-mail/ PDF

Send reminders

Generate payment orders

Users with defined rights

Process QR payments

Online cash register

Integration via API

Generate cashflow overviews

Mantain partner directory

Process invoices in CZ/EN/DE

The interface works online in a web browser on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Updates are our work to do.
No downloading or installation is needed.

For paid tariffs
Simple & Business

  • Online support and live chat with your accountant
  • Supervision of your finances by accountant
  • Online transfer of documents
  • Posting documents within 72 hours
  • An overview of VAT and VAT duties
  • Automatic pairing of banking transactions with documents

Our online portal and cash register are EET-ready from 1st of March.

Trivi Free

  • Manage your accounting on your own (without)
  • For non VAT self-employed and individuals
  • Fast signup and registration
  • All functions available
  • Real-time overview of your finances
  • The possibility to switch to a paid plan SIMPLE/Business or order additional services

Trivi mostly handles these payment gateways. Do you prefer anything else? No problem, just let us know and we will find a solution.