We will tell you exactly when, where and how much to pay so that your employees and the authorities are satisfied.

Complete payroll management

Everything the agenda requires is included. Applications, statements, reports, and other.

Labor legal advise

We offer labor-related advisory anytime you need it. In addition, offer legally approved templates for contracts.

Attendance management system

Time tracking and travel orders. All for employers in one place. The portal is established according to the agreement.

490 CZK

including payroll advice
up to 30 min / month

990 CZK

including payroll and HR legal advice
up to 1.5 hours / month

The following services are included in the packages

  • 1 payroll processing

  • monthly reports on social and health insurance

  • the annual withholding of tax payment

  • the annual tax bill on income from employment

  • electronic bank order to pay salaries and contributions

  • representing before the authorities
    (by proxy, except for controls)
  • distribution of payroll cards to employees
  • keeping wage sheets
  • final reports and documents for payroll posting

each additional salary from 179 CZK

We trust in our own work and guarantee for the correctness of our actions.
If we make a mistake, the resulting damages insured up to 5 million CZK.

We will also assist you with:

  • Creating agreements on employee roles and work performance
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Developing agreements for executive roles
  • Writing contracts on interest-free loan to executive director/partner
  • Creating work rules and internal wage regulation
  • Other employment regulations

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