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What if I want to come to Trivi and meet an accountant personally?

Come, we would be happy to welcome you. We are available for you in Prague: Španělská 770/2, Prague 2 - Vinohrady and also in Pilsen at Palackého 389/7.

How will I transfer my documents?

You can send us your documents via email. Also, you can upload them directly on our online interface. We will process your data and upload it into the interface within 72 hours. It’s a simple as that. The paper originals of documents remain with you.
* Trivi also has its own API (

Do I have to print all documents?

Nope. We work with documents in electronic form (scans, PDFs, photos). You can send your relevant documents via email, upload them online, using our interface or transfer them via API.

How are my documents processed?

We process your information into our online interface within 72 hours. As a part of the paid packages (Trivi SIMPLE, Trivi BUSINESS), it is a free service.

Can Trivi handle also wages?

Sure. We offer holistic payroll services and consulting. Find a detailed overview of our service by clicking this link about payroll.

What happens if my records get checked by the financial authority?

We guarantee for the correctness of our actions. So when the authorities call, relax. We will help you prepare all relevant documents for the audit. If you want, you can hire a Trivi accountant to be present during the audit (this service will be charged extra.) Keep in mind that you are responsible for sending us all relevant documents. Also, the authorities will contact you directly as the holder of the business.

How can I transition my accounting to Trivi?

Simple. And free of charge… Basically, there are two ways for you to switch to Trivi: First, you give us ‘power of attorney’ and all your accounting-related worries will vanish. Second, we send the required paperwork to your existing accountants and terminate the contract. Then we agree with them to hand over your documents. We will keep you updated on our progress.

Is Trivi insured?

Yes, we are insured up to 5 million CZK. This insurance covers our mistakes. We do pay up penalties imposed by the law in the rare case of making mistakes or wrong estimations. However, we do not pay the resulting, higher tax duty. However, we do not cover incurred arrears on taxes and insurance that you would pay anyway.

Does Trivi handle VAT inspection reports?

Yes, either we have your power of attorney and send messages on your behalf, or we will prepare the data that you send on your own to the Tax Office. For VAT payers, the service is included in the price.

Do you review my submitted documents?

Yes, we check all documents you send us. Our accountants will review them and notify you in the event of irregularities or missing documents (information).


Is my data safe in your system?

Absolutely. Our system uses the same security measures known from online banking platforms. All transmissions are encrypted and false or unfair access requests into the system are monitored by us.

Is it necessary to install the program?

No, our Trivi interface runs online in your web browser. No installation needed. Updates are automatic and free.

Can I use the Trivi online interface for free

Yes, if you are a sole trader or a natural person without ID. Just register for free and you can start processing your accounting on your own. You can use all the features on your own. Please keep in mind, that this is provided without the assistance of the Trivi accounting team.

Does the portal have API?

Yes, the documentation can be found on


What’s the advantage in pairing accounting with the bank?

If you give us a power of attorney, we frequently download your bank statements and link them with accounting documents. So your data will be up-to-date and no brainpower required on your end

Is Trivi the right choice for me?

We believe in simple, smooth and honest accounting. Also, we custom-tailor our solutions based upon our client’s needs. If that’s what you want, we’re your go-to guys. Trivi is for all businesses, associations, and individuals. Call us, together we will certainly find a way to sort out your accounting too

Does Trivi have a mobile app?

Yes, it has both platforms. Android or iPhone. Just download and sign up for your Trivi account. The portal Trivi brings the best user experience through Google Chrome, but it is not a necessity.

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