Our mission

We are using automatization of accounting with our own technology to help drive other business.

We doing it in a smart and simple way.

Story worth telling

In 2002, we established Invia.cz. We almost failed due to bad accounting. Thanks to this lesson we realized the importance of smooth and transparent accounting. We know how important it is to have real time data and overview. Gradually, we developed a successful company by perfecting the financial management system. Then we used our expertise and applied it to other projects - such as education network EDUA Group, which includes the popular Caledonian School Tutor.

Our goal is to automate and smoothen all accounting and tax processes by artificial intelligence. By doing this, we enable our customers to focus on their core business. We provide accurate, real-time data which our clients use to make the right financial decisions. We focus on what’s essential for entrepreneurs and help driving the business.

Founders and management

Juraj Cienik

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Many years of experience from international business.
  • 7 years of experience in Business Development and Processes Management (CEIT and Olaja Yhtyma).
  • Expert in Lean Management.

Katarina Augustini

Co-Founder & COO

  • Co-Founder & CEO of Invia for Slovakia.
  • Co-Founder of CleverFarm.
  • Manager at IT companies like SUN Microsystems, Oracle, Clever Maps.
  • Strategic advisor in Ecocapsule.

Michal Drozd

Co-Founder & Investor

  • Co-founder and CEO of Invia.cz (largest online travel agency in CEE, active also in DACH).
  • Investor at Machavert, Saunia, Webdio, EduaGroup, Dva Duby, Travelata.ru and others
  • Member of the Board of Travelplanet.pl.

Radek Stavinoha

Co-Founder & Investor

  • Serial entrepreneur and investor.
  • Co-founder of Invia.cz and EDUA Group.
  • Investor and CEO of Ambis College.
  • Investor at Saunia, Machavert, Manemo and others.

Vlaďka Lišková

Tax Advisor & Accounting Expert

Radek Bílý

Tax Advisor & Process Manager

Alena Papsuyevich

Head of Payroll Accountants

Jan Vitvera

Head of Sales

Patrície Holečková

Head of Human Recources

Ladislav Šalom

IT manager & Head of IT development

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