Solid Bookkeeping

We will handle both larger firms and tradesman with tax records

Solid Bookkeeping

We keep the books for large firms or independent tradesmen with tax records We work with electronic documents. Real-time, online accounting.

Fast transmission and availability of all financial documents, smooth communication with accountants and current cashflow summaries.

Experienced team

Our experienced accountants and tax advisors are always available to advise you with custom-made solutions and optimizations.

Accountants are always available.
Among other, they advise you with optimization. Of course, we will only act within the current legal framework of the state authorities.

We trust in our own work and guarantee for the correctness of our actions.
If we make a mistake, the resulting damages insured up to 5 million CZK.

Our accounting team

Vlaďka Lišková
Tax Advisor & Accounting Expert

Radek Bílý
Tax Advisor & Process Manager

Alena Papsuyevich
Head of Payroll

Jaroslav Ryvola
Senior Accountant

Iva Hájková
Senior Accountant

Michaela Petlanová
Senior Accountant

Edita Lhotáková
Senior Accountant

Jana Lívová
Senior Accountant

Eva Červená
Senior Accountant

Martina Večeřová
Junior Accountant

Jana Lomnická
Payroll Accountant

Our online interface and cash register are EET-ready.

Advisory board

  • I focus primarily on the area of IFRS methodology and consolidation. The solution of accounting processes in Trivi is at a high level and corresponding with current standards. As chairman of the Chamber of Certified Accountants, I can recommend accounting managed in this way to entrepreneurs.

    Ing. Libor Vašek, Ph.D.
    Chairman of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • A proper accounting adjustment has an immediate impact on its functioning and quality of outputs. Setting up accounting at the very start is important and requires the collaboration of experienced professionals. The quality of accounting is not just about the proper accounting of delivered documents but also in cooperation with the client in effective setting of their collecting, verifying their correctness before passing to posting, and delivery of full-related information needed for accurate billing. All this especially with regard to the needs of company management and owners.

    Ing. Jana Říhová
  • Each entrepreneur is looking for some different numbers, different perspectives, and ties. We help Trivi in this innovative approach so that all its customers got what they sought. It creates user-friendly reports where few clicks save time and the entrepreneur has the opportunity for active management decisions based on actual substrates.

    Michal Všetečka
    Delivery Manager and Co-founder of

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